Why Shop With Us

We provide lots of advantages over any larger companies and this page explains some reasons how.

Customer Service and Customer Care

To us, the customer's experience is the most valuable thing, that's why we are happy to allow multiple ways to communicate to us directly. We aim for short wait times on average of 12 - 36 hours. We accept messages through our contact form, contact email, Facebook messenger and Instagram DM.


We offer returns or exchanges for products that have been damaged or mismatched during processing. We understand that it isn't your fault and we want to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Supporting Small Business

The purchases made here on this website directly support the growth of a small business. It will help to bring so much more to the web store to provide for you, the customer! your purchases also directly support a student's education, as a portion of all profits will go towards tuition.

Security and Privacy

When browsing and purchasing on our website, your information is securely stored. Shopify is PCI compliant, which ensures that every transaction is secure allowing for peace of mind when shopping with us.


Though some of our styles might be vintage or antique themed, we provide a much more modern and compelling experience for users. This was a business built by this generation and we believe that what we provide should look good, be easy to use, and functional for the shopper.

A Plan and a Future

When we created CW Timepiece, we had many goals that we wanted to accomplish, this wasn't something that was meant to be set and done as soon as the launch began. We're constantly looking to grow this website and add new features for our customers. We have so many plans for growth and it is something we are excited to work on. We update monthly and promote a healthy and ever-changing website. You can check some of our future goals here!