Our Future

CW Timepiece is still in its infancy, and we’re learning as everyday goes by. We’re so happy to be providing for such an audience of collectors, new and experienced! We will continue to aim for a better experience with anything possible. Though the store has officially launched, it is nowhere near completion. We have so many plans for growth and to better develop our business. We’re proud to be expanding and on this page you will learn about some of our future goals that we hope to achieve as soon as possible. We update our Newsletter Subscribers monthly about upcoming changes.

We gladly accept any questions, comments and concerns in the Contact Us section of the website.

Expanding Collection

We're planning on introducing new content every month as well as adding seasonal collections to add limited variants to some of these pieces. We love all different styles and movements and we would like to provide diversity in the products we sell to ensure they're each special. To be the first to find out about upcoming releases, sign up for our newsletter here!


We are planning to add accessories and add-on items for our products here, such as different style chains, personalized cleaning products and special packaging for different occasions. We believe that a timepiece can be a great and unique gift for every person. We'd like to make the process easier for an enthusiast and recipient. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for everything pocket watch related, and this is nothing short of a milestone for us. 

Accounts and Loyalty System

In an effort to encourage retention, we would love to reward our faithful customers with exclusive content, such as free gifts, discount voucher, and to provide a smoother checkout experience. We want to give back as much as we can and we can and we think adding a personal portal would help this. We want to show our customers that we care about them and their service so we're going to implement this in the near future if heavily requested.

Audience Preference & Clearance

As time goes on, we expect for some pieces to fall out of season and style for our audience. We will look into clearance sales and reinvestment to new products and styles. This way we would also be able to keep updating our collections and become a much more exciting place for previous customers. We want to listen to our customers and their requests/disapproval. We not only want to create a shop but a community.

Engraving & Special Request Service

We strongly believe that a Timepiece can be an amazing gift. As a long term goal, we want to enable a special request service at an affordable price. To provide engraving services to mark special occasions and modify components on the chain, cover, dial and back, to help create a special experience from us to you. We're very set on creating a central hub for many different functions of a pocket watch, and this is a very exciting goal for us.

Animated product images

Since the beginning of our web store, one of the goals is to provide a unique and very intuitive experience to purchase and learn about Pocket Watches. One of these ideas included an animated product GIF to emulate watch tick speed and looks. We would also want to include 360 images to view products at each angle to get a better view of the items available. The image shows an primitive example of how these animated product images would look.