Caring For Your Timepiece

The following page describes some of the best practices for protecting your timepiece in order to preserve its longevity and appearance. Different watch styles have different necessities for protection. The following procedures below as recommended by the CW Timepiece team.

Clean with microfiber cloth

We recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the surfaces of the watch. This preserves the material of harmful debris and cleans the timepiece of any unwanted fingerprints while in use.

Careful pocket choice

It is easy to forget which pocket your watch can be in, we recommend making sure that the pocket you use for your timepiece be cleared of any coins, keys or any items able to scratch the surface of the watch. Though our products come with anti scratch film, we highly recommend a clear pocket to carry your timepiece.

Keep away from water

Pocket watches are not meant to be submerged in water as it can damage the internal components. This also means that watches should not be cleaned with any liquid as even the tiniest bit of water may cause damage to the timepiece.

Wind Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches need to be tuned daily to continue to work and display accurate times. Carefully wind your watch daily to remain active through day to day use. Be sure not to over-wind as it can lock the internal mechanisms.

Carry face inwards

This rule refers mostly to Open Face watches, but applies well to all. Make sure to carry your timepiece faced inwards in your pocket. This protects the watch face and prevents damage from external impact.

Carefully re-store timepiece

Make sure that when pocket watch use is done, you securely unequip and re-store the watch. We recommend its dedicated pocket watch packaging and/or a pocket watch stand. (We currently do not offer any stands but are working on them as explained here).