About Us

CW Timepiece is a pocket accessory business mainly revolving around the pocket watch. An iconic, almost ancient remanence of history, should not be forgotten. Our plan was to create a new way for people to expand interest and knowledge of the pocket watches. We wanted to offer a simple yet effective way to sell these beautiful timepieces. Without expert consultation, being able to pick out a perfect item in minutes, with information easily accessible and customer service to provide further assistance is our specialty. We’re set on developing beautiful pieces of watches at an affordable cost with many styles to choose from. We love what we are putting out to sell and we are looking forward to developing much more.

Developer's Note

When I was starting to develop CW Timepiece, I honestly had a hard time. As the sole creator, there was so much that I had to learn and understand, not only about running the business aspect but also about the very delicate marksmanship of chronometry. The road to development had been very challenging, but rewarding. A pocket watch had always been a dream of mine to have. Their elegance and antiquity made them just seem unobtainable. I’ve never felt like there was space to begin learning about pocket watches. It was all so common to view and learn about wrist watches, but never for these. Though they are a relic in today's standards, I felt that its only legacy should not have to be outdated web pages, antique shops and overpriced producers. CW Timepiece was not only built to be a shop but a learning experience. 

As a student myself, I admire the value of public information, and being able to provide such a medium, no matter the scale, is a great achievement for me. The goal was to create an environment that anyone can understand. I designed the webstore to be very guiding and user friendly. The web space was also made to cater for novice or collectors alike. We’re so happy to have launched such a space for people across the world to view, learn and purchase elegant timepieces. Though our website has launched, it is still in its infancy as we have much to develop. We are happy to evolve with the website to better suit people's needs. By exploring the store you will find many pages dedicated towards our business and for consumer utilization. It started out as a learning experience for me and I'm happy to relay that to others. Whether a customer or a viewer trying to learn new information, we’re so happy that you are here to understand what we're trying to do. We’re always trying to better ourselves so please contact us with any questions and comments! These pieces can be a foundation for a new passion and it can be all made here.


A lifetime of collections await

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